Skin cancers detected at an early stage and removed promptly are almost always curable and cause minimal damage. However, left untreated, they eventually penetrate the underlying tissues and can become disfiguring. A small percentage even metastasize to local lymph nodes, distant tissues, and organs and can become fatal. Therefore, any suspicious growth should be seen by a physician without delay. A tissue sample (biopsy) will be examined under a microscope to arrive at a diagnosis. If tumor cells are present, treatment is required.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery – The Gold Standard

Mohs Micrographic surgery offers the highest potential cure rate—99%--for skin cancer.

At Rocky Mountain Dermatology we provide various types of treatment for skin cancer, however, Mohs surgery is by far the most effective at removing the cancer, and, since the procedure removes a minimal amount of tissue, it also offers superior cosmetic results. A Mohs surgeon is also trained in reconstruction, which means that they can properly and precisely repair the skin and underlying tissue to eliminate or minimize scarring.


An excision is a procedure that surgically removes the effected tissue that can be seen with the naked eye. The site is then closed with sutures. It is the procedure most commonly used, in fact, many general practice doctors attempt this treatment with the idea that if it grows back they will then refer the patient to a specialist, like a dermatologist. However, we don’t recommend this and we strongly encourage anyone who has an unusual growth on their skin to see us immediately for a proper diagnosis.

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