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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

A dark shadow on your upper lip. A furry back. Unwanted hair is embarrassing, and you dislike irritating shaving, smelly creams and other nuisance methods of hair removal. Why not relax and enjoy the smooth skin you've always wanted? At Rocky Mountain Dermatology in North Logan, UT, laser hair removal is a specialty of Dr. Robert Young and Dr. Jared Heaton. It could help you, too.

Laser light in dermatology

A medical laser emits highly focused light. In the medical specialty of dermatology, laser instruments smooth wrinkles, eradicate tattoos, spots and scars and yes, remove unwanted hair. The laser targets hair follicles, effectively destroying their ability to produce hair and its pigment.

Because hair grows cyclically, patients need several laser treatments for best results. However, the outcome lasts, and best of all, your treatments are comfortable and time-saving.

Your laser hair removal in North Logan, UT

At Rocky Mountain Dermatology, it starts with a skin exam and review of your history, medications and aesthetic goals. Then, Dr. Young or Dr. Heaton cleans your skin and puts on a cooling gel.

The application of the laser light is almost painless. You may feel as though a rubber band is snapping on your skin. Afterward, the treated areas will be tender and red.

This takes about half an hour depending on your unique skin goals. You can return to your usual routine right away, but you should avoid sun exposure and strenuous activities, such as gym workouts and heavy lifting.

In all, you should see a significant reduction in the amount and thickness of your body hair. Dark-colored hair on light skin responds best to these innovative treatments, and most people have some regrowth of fine, light-colored hair.

Come see us

At Rocky Mountain Dermatology, our experienced staff and wonderful physicians, Dr. Young and Dr. Heaton, understand your desire for flawless, hair-free and youthful-looking skin. Our aesthetic skin treatments are unparalleled in the North Logan, UT, area for their effectiveness, comfort and patient satisfaction.

To learn more about laser hair removal, please contact one of our five area offices for a friendly discussion of your skin goals. In North Logan, UT, phone (435) 787-0560. For Brigham City, Washington Terrace or Marriott-Slaterville, call (801) 827-9100. Call (801) 797-9121 for the Bountiful, UT, location.

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